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INNOVATE Articles and Books

The One Hour Breakthrough: Translating Aspirations into Action (book)


High-Leverage Innovation: Getting Started the Right Way (article)

Companies are learning that getting the right cornerstones in place can greatly reduce the risk of innovating big.


The One Hour Breakthrough by Doug Berger (excerpt)


BreakAway Growth ... Is your potential getting realized? (article)
The 5 Must Have's for success in breakaway growth. The 9 early signs of success slipping away.


Bring Strategy to Life - Shift the Mental Model (article)


INNOVATE Streaming Media

BreakAway Innovation webinar (45 mins)
Equiping your people to tackle Big Challenges from the Breakthrough Perspective


Championing Breakthrough Innovation in your Enterprise (45 mins)

Doug Berger, INNOVATE speaks at the Executive Forum: Growth & Innovation of the American Institute of Chemical Engineering. Growth from new markets, technologies and applications must be managed with a different discipline than incremental yet necessary innovation. The Innovator is central.


Traditional vs. Breakthrough: 2 different mental models (22 mins)

Doug Berger, INNOVATE distinguishes two different approaches to projects. The mental model for traditional projects ... incremental ... market adjacencies ... performance improvement. The mental model for breakthrough projects truly novel aspects ... new market spaces ... step-change gains. If you inadvertently use the 'traditional' mental model on a breakthrough you will limit the level of accomplishment.


Getting Started in Breakthrough (50 mins)

Doug Berger, INNOVATE speaks to the Innovator's Roundtable, introducing many of the key concepts of breakthrough innovation.


Championing Enterprise-Wide Innovation (20 mins)

Doug Berger, INNOVATE: excerpts from a talk to the Human Resources Planning Society. The talk presents a mental model of enterprise-wide innovation and a case study.


Introducing Breakthrough Projects (15 mins)

Doug Berger, INNOVATE provides an overview of the Breakthrough Projects approach to accomplishing a bold, aspirational business result.


Leading in Times of Disruptive Change (35 mins)

Doug Berger, INNOVATE provides the keynote for the Pharmaceutical Market Research Conference.


Open Source Streaming Media

Malcolm Gladwell  (20 min)

What can we learn from spaghetti sauce?

Charles Leadbeater  (20 min)

The rise of the amateur professional


Tina Seelig: Stanford Ventures Program (1 hr)

Can Innovation and Entrepreneurship be taught?


Design Thinking   (7 mins)

A short, humorous example by students of Stanford University, School of Design


Edward De Bono on Creative Thinking  (5 mins)

To the point ideas by the father of creative thinking


Eric von Hipple   (1 hr)

Eric is a professor at MIT and author of Democratizing Innovation.


Denis Weil, McDonalds   (40 mins)

Denis is Vice President, Innovation and Concept Development at McDonalds. He talk about the company's latest initiatives with service innovation.


Innovation Management at Siemens AG   (1 hr)

Dr. Claus Weyrich, head of Corporate Technology and member of the Managing Board speaking at MIT.


Ely Dahan   (50 mins)

Ely is a professor at UCLA. Ely is applying the concepts in the Wisdom of Crowds to consumer market research. He has developed internet-based market research methods.


Innovation at Google   (49 mins)

Marissa Mayer, Vice President Search Product and User Experience, Google speaks at Stanford University on Google's principles of innovation.


Creativity & Innovation   (1 hr 29 mins)

Larry Keeley, President, Doblin Inc. speaks at the University of California - Santa Barbara on innovation effectiveness.


Building Growth:  Why We Don't Use What We Know  (55 mins)

Rebecca Henderson, Professor at MIT, specializing in technology strategy, gives a powerful presentation addressing the challenges that come with growth.


Innovation through Design Thinking  (55 mins)

Tim Brown, CEO, IDEO presenting at the MIT Innovative Leader series discusses his view on the distinctive ways in which designers approach challenges and collaboration. 



Want to bring strategy to life? Then Shift people's mental model!

Why is implementing business strategy so difficult? How can a business executive implement a new business strategy more quickly and effectively? What does it take to make the strategy stick? The key is having people internalize strategy as a new mental model of the business and how it is run.


Leading in Times of Disruptive Change

Sound management for dealing with business-as-usual change won't produce long-term success in an environment of disruptive change. Doug describes ways to recognize when you are facing disruptive change and a leadership model for pro-active response.

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Breakthrough Project Starter Kit - a concise overview of all the key elements of successfully leading, launching and managing a project in breakthrough mode.

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