July 2013

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Bob Cooper
Creator of the Stage-Gate(R) Idea to Launch Process
Professor, McMaster University (emeritus)
Bob discusses his latest research and thinking on the state of innovation, new product development and leading practices for commercializing bold innovation. In his global research Bob is finding that bold innovation requires a different idea to launch process than incremental improvement.

Pam Henderson
Author, speaker, founder NewEdge Inc.
Pam just published the book, Killing Ideas: You can kill an idea, you can't kill an opportunity. In the interview Pam highlights the difference between ideas and opportunities. She discusses how the relationship among six sources of opportunity can alter the odds on commercial success and ways that opportunities evolve and are shaped over time.


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This issue's interviews feature the theme of Growth Hacking approaches to marketing and sales. In its truest form Growth Hacking grew from the need of social media companies to rapidly aquire the scale of their first 100,000 users so they could justify an advertising-based business model. In this issue our Growth Hackers discuss emerging yet highly effective ways to grow B2B sales, and to close the loop between digital marketing and consumer sales conversion.

John Fox
Founder, Venture Marketing
John has very interesting perspectives on B2B sales and marketing and ways that companies can get much more traction and synergy between those functions.

Bob Gilbreath
Co-founder Pingage, author

Pingage is a marketing optimization service that helps brands scale growth through Pinterest with less effort and a pay-for-performance business model.

Don Nelson
founder, inControl Ads

Don headed digital marketing at Sam's Club and for the Toys"R"Us franchises. Don discusses critical steps to leverage digital marketing platforms into revenue and the challenges of aligning traditional marketing.

Mark Silva
founder, Ryse
Mark is a Silicon Valley digital marketing veteran and has represented leading brands at Anheuser-Busch, Disney, Pepsi and Unilever. Mark discusses big brand hack-athons, the impact of mobile, and the importance of metrics.


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Innovation Conferences
- Marcus Evans: 4th Annual Process Driven Innovation | Sept 17-18 | Philadelphia
- IIR Back End of Innovation| November 18-20 | Santa Clara, CA
- 16th Annual Corporate Venturing | February 10-12, 2014 | Newport Beach, CA

Of Interest
Video interviews in conjunction with Andrew Maxwell, Canadian Innovation Centre
- Steve Blank, author The Four Steps to Epiphany
- Chris Anderson, founder 3D Robotics and former editor WIRED
- Alex Osterwalder, author, Business Model Generation
- Daniel Pink, author, Drive


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