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Rita McGrath
Professor, Columbia University Business School
Rita is regarded as one of the world's top experts on strategy and innovation. In her latest book Rita discusses the risk of being trapped in an uncompetitive business and not even knowing it. The new path to winning means disengaging from the concept of sustainable competitive advantage towards capturing opportunities fast and then moving on once they are exhausted.


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Martin Coyne
National Association of Corporate Directors

Martin provides an insider view of how Boards of Directors engage with corporate executives around growth, strategy and innovation. Martin has served on various boards including technology, medical devices and non-profits. He founded the CEO Learning Network.

Andy Hines
Foresight Program, University of Houston
Author, consultant

Andy provides his perspective on how companies are successfully integrating the work of futurists to inform new product and service investments. Andy is program coordinator of the University of Houston's program in Foresight.


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Innovation Seminar

Beyond Stage-Gate: Bold Innovation for Real Business Growth
Dr. Robert Cooper (originator, Stage-Gate) and Doug Berger (publisher, The Innovators) are leading a 2-day intensive challenging the assumptions that made Stage-Gate so successful yet yielded only incremental innovation. The seminar will introduce emerging approaches to the way corporations are playing a new game for REAL growth.

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