The Innovators ezine Directory

January 2015

Austin Duke, VP Emerging Technologies, Rosellini Scientific
Jitu Marwaha, Director Strategy & Bus Development, SanDisk
Mitch Rothschild, CEO, Vitals


July 2014

Luis Solis, Imaginatik, author, Innovation Alchemists
Jim O'Connor, former Corporate VP, Motorola Ventures
Ron Jonash, professor HULT Business School; Director, IXL Center
Theo Forbath , Global VP
Innovation Strategy, frog



May 2014

Jay Rao, Babson College, author The Discipline & Culture of Innovation
Aravind Chinchure, Assistant VP - Innovations, Reliance Industries
Nancy Shea, Global VP, Ashland Specialty Ingredients

Brandon Rowberry, VP Enterprise Innovation, United Health Group


February 2014

Rita McGrath, Columbia Business School, author The End of Competitive Advantage
Martin Coyne, Association of Corporate Directors
Andy Hines, Foresight program, University of Houston


November 2013

Jatin Desai, consultant, author Innovation Engine
Gerry Myer, VP Global Innovation, Chubb
Rob van Leen
, Chief Innovation Officer, DSM
Tim Bour, Executive Director, Innovation Center of the Rockies


July 2013

Bob Cooper, Creator of Stage-Gate
Pam Henderson, author, speaker, founder New-Edge

John Fox, founder, Venture Marketing
Bob Gilbreath, co-founder Pingage

Don Nelson, founder inControl Ads
Mark Silva, founder, Ryse


January 2013

Jack Kaplan, "Entrepreneurship Management "
Jacqueline LeSage Krause, former VP Innovation, The Hartford

Jim Greenwood, expert in small business federal funding
Mike Bott, General Manager, The Brandery

Marguerite La Corte, Global trend tracker & product anthropologist


November 2012

Van Ommen & Kuiper , "Effectuation Business Innovation"
Ted Farrington , Director, PepsiCo Advanced Research

Stefan Frankenberg, DHL Customer Solutions & Innovationfrankenberg


June 2012

Phil McKinney, "Beyond the Obvious"
David Gordon,
Director, Rolls-Royce Defence

Alex Kernjak, Head, Global Store Concept, Puma


November 2011

Stuart Read: Effectual Entrepreneurship
Jaya Kumar
, Presidert, Pepsico's Global Nuitrition Group

Fred van Ommen , Vice President Innovation, Philips


June 2011

David Rogers :The Network is Your Customer
Chris Thoen
, Director External Innovation, P&G

Jim Gregory, CEO, CoreBrand
Michael Wynblatt, VP Engineering Technology, Eaton


January 2011

Alberto Savoia, Jeremy Clark: eXtreme Innovation
Jon Bidwell
, Chief Innovation Officer, Chubb Group of Insurance Companies

Randall Beard, Global Head, Advertiser Solutions, Nielsen


October 2010

Keith Pigues, Jerry Alderman , Winning With Customers
Jeb Brugmann
, Next Practice

Usama Malik, Vice President, Pfizer
Daryl Dunbar, Senior Vice President, Reed Elsevier

June 2010

Scott Anthony , consultant, author, new ventures
Guido Petit
, Director, Alcatel-Lucent Technical Academy

Tony Tomazic , Director, Consumer Innovations, Humana
Dr. Stephen King , Head of Innovation Support, Nestle R&D
Marnie LaVigne , Director, Center of Excellence in Life Sciences, New York State


January 2010

Charlie Prather , author, speaker, creativity leader
Rolf Smith, author, speaker, thinking expedition leader
Dan Schulman
, CEO, Virgin Mobile

Dr. Alan Palkowitz, SVP Discovery Chemistry, Eli Lilly & Company
Dr. Ward Peterson, SVP, Scientific Affairs, Inspire Pharmaceuticals
Mike Hess , VP Innovation Excellence, Medtronic, Inc.


September 2009

David Tanner, DuPont Center for Creativity & Innovation, author Igniting Innovation
Al DiRienzo
, CEO, Blue Highway, a Welch-Allyn Company

Ken James, SVP R&D, GSK Consumer HealthCare
Jeremy Alexi, faculty, Illinois Institute of Technology, School of Design


May 2009

Gina O'Connor, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, author "Grabbing Lightning"
Phil Giesler
, Director of Innovation, Unilever Corporate Ventures

Franz-Joseph Miller, CEO, time:matters



February 2009

David Rogers, Center for Brand Leadership, Columbia University
Debra Brackeen
, VP Corporate Ventures, HP

Jean Marc Frangos, SVP Technology and Innovation, BT
Bruce Kirk, Director Corporate Innovation, Corning


November 2008

Bernd Schmitt , Columbia University and author, "Big Think"
Tamara Erickson
, researcher and author "Plugged In"

Kurt Swogger , Vice President, Dow
Michael Giersch, Vice President, IBM
Trisha Pergande, Marketing Director, General Mills
Jane Seagrave , Senior Vice President, Associated Press

July 2008

Doug Berger , Consultant and Author "The One Hour Breakthrough"
Ed Connors
, Global Director, New Products and Technology, Aqualon
Steve Goers & Nanako Mura, Open Innovation, Kraft Foods
Rod Nelson
,  VP Innovation, Schlumberger

Peter Bryant,  President, TransTech USA

April 2008

Deborah Ancona, MIT Sloan School and Author "x-teams"
Robert C. Wolcott,
Northwestern Kellogg School, Founder Kellogg Innovation Network
Amy Radin,  Executive VP, CitiBank
Jeff Witkop,  Director Digital Capture and Imaging Devices, Kodak

Irene Au,  Director, User Experience, Google

Robert Carter, Author, Director Business Transformation, Vertex



November 2007

Marc Meyers, Consultant and Author "The Fast Path to Corporate Growth "
John Helferich
, Vice President, Masterfoods USA, retired
Tony Chapman,  Founder and CEO, Capital C
Alain Kaloyeros
,  College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering

Shahira Raineri,  Imagination Breakthrough Leader, General Electric


July 2007

Robert Shelton, Consultant and Author "Making Innovation Work"
Terry Pittman
, Executive Director, Advanced Products Concepts, AOL
Raj Aggarwal ,  Vice President, Global Technology, Rockwell Collins
Jim Swanson
,  Vice President, Rohm and Haas

Randall Ledford,  Chief Technology Officer, Emerson


April 2007

Robert Cooper, Professor, Author, creator of the Stage-Gate Process
Frederic Ramioulle, VP, Business Innovation Center, Honeywell
Carol Pletcher,  Chief Innovation Officer, Cargill
Ashok Joshi,  CEO & President, Ceramatec


December 2006

Henry Chesbrough, Professor, Author "Open Business Models "
Abdul Gaffar, VP Growth Technology, Colgate-Palmolive
Jim O'Connor, Corporate VP Technology Acceleration, Motorola
Cheryl Perkins,  Chief Innovation Officer, Kimberly-Clark
Martin Chimes, CEO, Unistraw


June 2006

Clayton Christensen, Professor, Author "The Innovators Dilemma"
Interview with Mauro Pennella, DIAGEO
Liberating Creativity ... a conversation with Allen Schoer, Michael Hanson
The Imperfect Leader  by Davis Taylor
Interview with Michael Hansen, former EVP, Bertelsmann

December 2005

Interview with Brenda Arnold, Valvoline
Interview with Jean Colpin, United Technology
What Do I Do Now?  Becoming a 21st Century Leader   by Ted Farrington


August 2005

Interview with Pat Geraghty   Horizon Blue Cross / Blue Shield
Making Good Leaders Great   by Marshall Goldsmith
Leading in Times of Disruptive Change   by Douglas Berger, Innovate


October 2004

Interview with Ned Lipes, Stryker Orthopaedics
A Deeper Look at Breakthrough Growth   by Doug Berger
Triz - An Inventive Approach to Problem Solving    by Jack Hipple
How Leaders Get Supercharged Team Results   by Wendy Blumenstein


July 2004

Interview with Bob Danzig, formerly Hearst Corporation

Want to Bring Strategy to Life - Shift the Mental Model by Doug Berger

Doing Business in China   by Paul Folta
Is your Business Flat?  Maybe It's a Plateau   by Aldonna Ambler


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