April 2008

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Deborah Ancona
Deborah is Seley Distinguished Professor of Management, MIT Sloan School and the faculty director for the MIT Leadership Center. She is engaged in research examining core leadership capabilities and how teams manage both their internal and external dynamics to obtain high performance. She describes a new structure, the "X-Team", that allows teams to manage complex tasks while being entrepreneurial.

Robert C. Wolcott
Robert is on the faculty of the Kellogg School, Northwestern University. He teaches corporate innovation and entrepreneurship. He is founder and director, Kellogg Innovation Network. Dr. C. Wolcott's recent articles include Four Models of Corporate Entrepreneurship and Twelve Different Ways to Innovate.

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Amy Radin
Amy is Executive Vice President and Global Direct Banking Head, Citi's Global Consumer Group. She leads Citi's strategic initiative to position itself for the digital world.

Jeff Witkop
Jeff is Director, R&D for Digital Capture and Imaging Devices. This is now a $2.5 billion business and the largest within Kodak. It includes digital cameras, docking stations and digital picture frames.

Irene Au
Irene is Director of User Experience. She is dedicated to raising the strategic value of design and user research. Prior to Google, Irene was with Yahoo and Netscape Communications.

The Balanced Innovator by Robert Carter -- excerpts
This is a book to bridge the competencies and discipline of Six Sigma with innovation-based growth. Bob led Raytheon's Six Sigma efforts for Innovation and Growth. He is currently Director, Business Transformation at Vertex, based in the U.K.


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