December 2005

To our valued Innovators Community Member:

In this issue we are pleased to bring you two interviews with business leaders who are heading up new growth or business transformation initiatives.  In addition, my personal friend Ted Farrington, has written his first book and I am pleased to introduce it to this community.


We are introducing a new section entitled Working Papers.  In this section we will present new ideas that are in the development stage.  The purpose of this section is to introduce the community to early thinking on innovation topics and provide an opportunity for members to contribute their thinking and experience.


We have made a variety of topics related to breakthrough innovation available on streaming media.  Visit our NEW Resource Library.


And finally, we send you our wishes for the season ... may 2006 bring you wonderful opportunities to make a lasting difference.



Doug Berger

Publisher and Managing Partner, INNOVATE


Interview with Brenda Arnold

Brenda is Vice President of Innovation for Valvoline, a $1 billion division of Ashland Inc.  Valvoline is a worldwide marketer of automotive lubricants and aftermarket products and services.  Brenda is responsible for finding promising 'white space' markets, developing and testing new products and services in those markets and establishing an innovative culture.

Interview with Jean Colpin

Jean is the Director of United Technologies Research Center in East Hartford, CT. UTRC is the central research organization for United Technologies Corporation, a $40 billion company.  Jean has focused on contributing to the parent company’s growth agenda by generating innovative scientific and technical solutions.

What Do I Do Now?  Becoming a 21st Century Leader  by Ted Farrington

The article contains excerpts from Ted's first book.  We hope it is widely successful and the first of many.  Ted is a Senior Director in Research, Development and Engineering with the Johnson &  Johnson Consumer Companies.

Creating Market Disrupting Innovations

Market disrupting opportunities operate with a different set of rules than traditional business expansions.  This Working Paper introduces different types of market disrupting opportunities and a Staged Model for business development.



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