June 2006

Coaches Corner

Senior Operations VP:   "I would like to stimulate innovation with my people in the course of my daily routine.  My organization cannot take on one more initiative.  What 2 or 3 things can I do?"    

Our Advice

Innovation is not a matter of creative thinking.  Innovation is the realization of an idea that adds value.

One practice you can easily introduce into your daily routine is asking new questions of topics already under discussion.  So what are a few stimulating questions:

1.  How is <topic> adding value to The Job our 'customers' want done?
2.  What would be real success for <topic>?

3.  How could this <topic> add even more value to the business?


Then ... with these new ideas in mind, what steps now make sense? 

1.  Practical actions, easily done

2.  A new person to contact

3.  A specific exploratory conversation with others


We don't need to make innovation a big deal ... after all it has been around since humankind first picked up a stick . . .


Good Fortune to You!


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