June 2006

To our valued Innovators Community Member:

Read the business press and everywhere you look are editions on innovation as if it is a recent discovery.  Furthermore, we see enterprise-wide innovation and breakthrough cast exclusively in the frame of product development.  This doesn't do justice to the difference that many Innovators are making.  You are reinventing value in all dimensions of the business from supply-chain, to marketing to finance.  You are bringing out the best in people, individually and in organized forms.  This isn't easy but as many clients express to me the legacy they are building everyday makes it truly fulfilling.


Doug Berger

Publisher and Managing Partner, INNOVATE


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Clayton Christensen
Clayton provides us with his latest thinking on Innovation.  He discusses a framework for segmenting markets, new tools for financial analysis and rethinking of the central importance of shareholder value.
Articles . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Interview with Mauro Pennella, DIAGEO
Mauro is Vice President, Global Ideation and Business Development for DIAGEO, the world's leading premium drinks business. 

Liberating Creativity .... a conversation
A conversation between Allen Schoer, co-founder of TAI Resources and Michael Hansen, an independent investment advisor and former Executive Vice President, Operational Turnaround at Bertelsmann.

The Imperfect Leader by Davis Taylor
The article contains excerpts from Davis's to be published manuscript.  We hope it is wildly successful.  Davis specializes in values-based leadership.

Interview with Michael Hansen
Michael is an independent investment advisor and former Executive Vice President, Operational Turnaround at Bertelsmann and Co-Director of Boston Consulting Group's global media and e-business practice.

Additions to the Innovate Resource Library . . . . . . . . . . .
Building Growth:  Why We Don't Use What We Know
Rebecca Henderson, Professor at MIT, specializing in technology strategy, gives a powerful presentation addressing the challenges that come with growth. (55 minute video)

Innovation through Design Thinking
Tim Brown, CEO, IDEO presenting at the MIT Innovative Leader series discusses his view on the distinctive ways in which designers approach challenges and collaboration.  (55 minute video)

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