November 2007

Thought-Provoking Books, Articles
and Research Reports

Article: Creating New Growth Platforms
Donald Lauarie, Yves Doz and Claude Sheet
Harvard Business Review May 2006

In 24 companies that had achieved significant organic growth, "Where does you growth come from?" Authors found a consistent pattern; all companies grew by creating new growth platforms.


Article: Sustainable Innovation Summit
The Thunderbird School of Global Management
competition provides sponsoring companies with innovative business plans to address real business opportunities in emerging markets.



Article: Growth as a Process An interview with Jeffrey Immelt, CEO, General Electric
Harvard Business Review June 2006

Pursuing the aim to grow organically two to three times faster than world GDP, the company has
invented a whole new set of management methods.


Book: The Imperfect Leader . . . a story about discovering the not-so-secret secrets of transformational leadership

by Davis H. Taylor Author House, 2007We featured an excerpt from Davis' book in June 2006 and are pleased that it is in publication. Available through

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