October 2004

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Interview with Ned Lipes

Ned Lipes is Executive Vice President, Stryker Orthopaedics, a global leader in orthopaedic implants. Ned has achieved consistent annual earnings growth of 20%. Stryker Orthopaedics is recognized as having a mission, vision, and values brought to life through its people. In this interview, Ned offers insight into his thinking on managing for aggressive growth and building an inspired organization of people.

A Deeper Look at Breakthrough Growth

Every link of the value chain is subject to life cycle and competitive forces. It is increasingly necessary to place organizations on a new growth trajectory. Yet, it is human nature to get trapped in traditions and organizations are human systems. What can you do to advance Breakthrough Growth?

TRIZ – an Approach to Inventive Problem Solving

TRIZ is a comprehensive framework for inventive thinking and problem solving. Its aim is to provide a set of principles, which aid in the design of groundbreaking inventions. Originally developed in Russia and introduced into the US during the 1990s. This article introduces a few of these principles and how they are used in real problem solving situations.

How Leaders Get Supercharged Team Results

Supercharged performance often seems like team member chemistry. However, every so often, something happens and a typically performing team shifts into Supercharged mode. There are lessons to learn, especially for leaders and senior managers. What specific changes get ‘stand out' results? How can senior managers give team leaders what they need to supercharge their teams?

The Coaches Corner

An executive asks: “A key competitor is launching a product line extension in the next 3 months. My perspective is that the line extension could strategically impact us in a few years. Some of my fellow executives see only minor impact for the immediate future and no need for action in the short-term. We have agreed to meet on this issue. How can I move their thinking?”


This month we have two brainteasers. Use them to see new approaches and ways to think.

Thought-Provoking Articles

Links to published articles – Thought-provoking perspectives on complex business issues. Leaps in thinking often happen when reading about other's issues – you can glean an insight into your absorbing issue.

Interesting References

Quotable, independent and objective sources for Innovators who are introducing new business perspectives into their enterprises.


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